7 best headphones under 200

Budget headphones under 200

No matter for what purpose the headphones are used, whether it is used to gain a high gaming experience or to get the amazing music listening experience, the quality of the product must be excellent. The main features that should be focused while buying such headsets must be extremely good quality, noise reduction or cancellation feature with mike, comfort earcups, and great sound quality. Below are the 7 best headsets that give the users a great experience.

1 Sennheiser Momentum Headphone

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones are one of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones in today’s market. There are lot of excellent features for this headphone. It has got a close back over ear design that is more comfortable to wear, as it has premium leather ear pads including the headband. Also, the best sound isolation is implemented with long listening periods.

These headphones are gifted by 18-ohm operating impedance that produces great dynamics across a wide range of frequencies that allows hearing the music without any disturbance. These headphones arrive with 3.5 mm stereo jack to connect to any portable audio device.

2 Sentey B-Trek H10 Bluetooth headphone

The Sentey headphones are found to be the top among the best gaming headphones that has currently a great demand. It has been offering 33 feet of Bluetooth range that has capability to make calls using the built-in microphone function. This is a hands-free headset that is more comfortable to use.

The headphone utilises over 420 mWa battery that allows either the 15 hours of talktime or between 5 to 6 hours listening the music. Sentey B-Trek H10 comes with light weight foldable design that generally weighs upto 1.4 pounds. Overall it is the best rated product that has many controlling features such as play, pause, as well as fast forward and rewind option with other great features.

3 Turtle Beach – Ear Force X12 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset

These types of headsets are specifically meant for the Xbox and are powered by the USB. Hence, there is absolutely no need of placing batteries.

This brand arrives with the enhanced audio through the powerful drivers. Because of which, it is capable to deliver an awesome audio experience for the gamers. There is an in-line amp that offers fast access for game controlling. Turtle Beach uses a bass boosting feature to add depth as well as realistic gaming audio. The ear buds or cups are so comfortable to wear with the super sensitive mike.

4 Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset

These headphones are a conglomeration of Dolby pro Logic and LX technologies that provides an extraordinary audio performance via 7.1 surround with great sound for all your gaming requirements. This headset can be worn for longer period, as it arrives with the soft ear cushions. The usage of these headphones is quite easy; just plugin and use. It works best with the PC and phones. However, does not support Mac unfortunately. This is one of the best products that include features like noise cancellation that prevents the background noise and pleases the wearer with clear sound.

5 SADES A60/OMG PC Computer over Ear Stereo Headphones

These headphones come with a microphone which is best suitable for all devices having USB Port. While, the closed earcup design provides brilliant features such as noise cancellation, blocking external or background noise and allows the user to concentrate only on the game or the songs that is played. There is also a magnetic driver units that provide clean and clear sound that creates interest in the user to hear the music played. However, the device best works with the Windows PC and Mac, but are not absolutely compatible with each other.

6 HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

The device has a soft leather headband and clean sound delivery that has been designed in the Sweden and is best suitable for gaming. The best features of this headset are the detachable microphone with 2 year warranty, as well as noise cancellation option with the stylish ear cups. These are powered by the 53 mm hi-fi capable drivers that arrive with a 15 to 25 kHz frequency response. While, the cable is found to be tangle free as well as braided, that features an in-line volume control and the mike mute control.

7 LOGITECH G430 Headphones

This product uses Dolby 7.1 surround sound that gives a great listening experience to the users. The earcups of this headset usually swivel about 90 to increase the comfort for the listeners. It consists of features like lightweight and comfort wear, noise cancellation or noise reduction mike, have folding feature to avoid any damages. Overall, it is the high rated product that gives more comfort.

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