10 facts about samsung galaxy note 7

10 Facts about Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Though, unfortunately, the sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been completely halted and recalled by the company due to certain defects but still there are certain facts which one should know about Samsung Note 7 before discarding it. In fact it was one of the best OEM Smartphone created by Samsung in the history of Smartphone as it was originally rated for 9.3 stars out of 10. Some of the facts about this phone are briefly discussed here under for your reference.

1. All new camera app

Since the dreadful experience of the era of Note 3 Samsung is using the best camera app in its Smartphone since the introduction of its S5 and Note 4. Though they have used the best camera app in Samsung Note 7 but still there are certain things that need improvement in this regard. The camera app used in the Note 7 Samsung has adopted an approach friendly to gestures. It allows you to switch between modes like video and Pro by using filters and a vertical swipe along with certain other settings of horizontal swipe. By using much cleaner demarcation between the buttons and the viewfinder the UI used in it has been simplified and cleaned up to a great extent. The new camera app used in this Smartphone is certainly improved greatly than its previous versions. Switching between front and rear cameras has been made easier and smoother.

2. Actual use of power saving mode

The power saver mode of Samsung Note 7 is very effective like various other Smartphone available on the market. But actually, to use less power, the resolution of its screen has to be low, unlike other phones. When you enable its power saving mode then the QHD resolution of its screen has to drop down to 1080p along with certain other standard items like processes of background adjustment and the speed of CPU. It can lower the resolution to 720p at the most. Though it is one of the unique features of the Note 7 of Samsung but the amount of battery saved in this respect has not been described by the company anywhere.

3. S Pen feature works like an expanding glass

S Pen is one of the several other new features of Samsung Note 7 but still it stand out due to its feature of magnifying images. It is an important feature especially for the people having imperfect vision as it helps them in improving their accessibility to fine details of the object to be captured. Moreover its QHD enabled display allows them to get the things without any pixelised appearance even if it magnifies the view up to 300%.

4. Design of Samsung Note 7

Samsung has used Galaxy Note Edge for the first time in the design Samsung Note 7 since it has used unibody dual glass design in its Galaxy S6 Smartphone. They have been trying since then to include new elements in the design of their Smartphones of Galaxy series to show their efforts in this direction.

5. Save your eyes through its blue light filter

Though blue light filters are used in Smartphone since long but its customisable implementation in Samsung Note 7 makes it more important for its users. It can be programmed to turn on automatically whenever needed like at sunset or in the environment with low lighting conditions. Thus it saves your eyes from the humiliation of blue lights affecting your sleep. Thus you can use it to read in the late night hours as the intensity of its filters can also be adjusted to the right levels.

6. Extended use of Samsung’s browser

Various versions of Samsung phones are provided with two preloaded extension supports to the Samsung’s browser like a QR code reader, like many other browsers, to distract you from the browsers like Chrome. A video assistant is another extension support of its browser that helps in making the sound and colour of web based videos perfect. Though it may not have most exciting add-on features but still Samsung has created a phone in which all of its extensions can be availed at a single place. In this way it doubles down on its home browser to run against most of the other producers who have used chrome as their default browser.

8. Problematic battery life

Though the company has claimed to provide excellent battery life to its Samsung Note 7 but it has been recalled completely from the market due to safety concerns related to it. In fact battery of a Smartphone is one of its most important features. The capacity standard of its battery was 3500mAh which is most appropriate for its sleek and slender body design. But the company has stopped the production of Note 7 due to consistent disastrous problems in its battery, even in the devices replaced for the initially produced devices.

9. Ban on carrying Note 7 on Lufthansa

According to a spokeswoman of German airlines Lufthansa carrying Samsung’s mobile phone Galaxy Note7 has been banned on all of their flights immediately. The transportation of this device was prohibited in hand luggage as well as checked baggage on of the flights of Lufthansa airlines across the world. This decision was taken after consistent incidents of catching fire by these devices and the announcement of the Samsung for stopping the production of their latest Smartphone Galaxy Note 7.

10. Stalls opened to replace or get refund for the device

Samsung has set up stalls for the passengers owning Galaxy Note 7 to exchange it with other Smartphone or get their money refunded, as this exploding device has been banned by the airlines around world ban to be transported through planes.

Extra 11. Galaxy Note 7 can be the last in this series

According to the reports published in Korean Herald the Galaxy Note 7 can be the last Note released by Samsung in Galaxy series. The report further said that the company will be focusing on the quality control of its flagship line of Galaxy S Smartphone. The resources of the company had been exhausted by releasing two flagships in a year. The debacle of Note 7 can be due to rushing to the market as soon as possible.

Though Samsung Note 7 has been recalled by the company due to certain safety concerns even then it can be termed as one of the best Smartphones produced by this industry.

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